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eBook and eReaders

Information on loading eBooks from the library on to eReaders







eBook readers are becoming a popular way to read books.  eBooks may be borrowed from the Fairfax Public Library thru the NEIBORS website.  Below are some common questions along with the answers and links to help you download on to your eReader.

Q:What is an eBook?

A: eBooks are digital books that can be downloaded on to a computer or reading device.  They can be read on a PC or Mac using a free reader software called Adobe Digital Editions, eBooks can also be transfered to popular eReadeing devices like Barnnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, as well as an iPad, iPod and many smart phones.

Q: Are all eBooks able to be used on all eReaders/devices?

A: No. eBooks are digital files, some are in PDF format, some are in EPUB format and some are in Kindle format(to name the three most popular). eReaders are formatted to read one or two of these formats but no reader is capable of reading all three except the iPad.

          Nook-EPUB or PDF formats            Kindle-Kindle format                   iPad-EPUB, PDF, or Kindle formats depending on which application you choose

Q:Are eBooks available to borrow from the library?

A: YES! Fairfax Public Library is a member of the North Eastern Iowa Bridge to Online Resource Sharing(NEIBORS), a consortium of libraries that provide eBooks and sownloadable audio books to their patrons.  Anyone with a Fairfax Public Library cards can use this service.

Q: What do I need to borrow eBooks from the Fairfax Public Library?

A:A Fairfax Public Library Cards (you will need your barcode number off the back), an eReader or computer that can support eBooks, an eMail address, access to internet, WiFi connectioin if using Sony or iPad, Adobe Digital Edition software if using Nook or the Overdrive app on the iPad, and an account with if sing Kindle or a Kindle app on the iPad.

Q: How do I borrow eBooks from the Fairfax Public Library?

A: eBooks can be checked out from the NEIBORS website at or follow the link from the Fairfax Public Library website on the home page at or on the logo at the top of this atricle.  You find the book you want on the NEIBORS website, check it out, then download it to your eReader, and enjoy.  Below are instructions on how to download books on the eReader you are using.

            Kindle with WiFi access

            Kindle without WiFi access


            Sony with WiFi access


Q: How do I know which file format I should select when piking a book on NEIBORS?

A: Kindle: Kindle   Sony: EPUB or PDF   Nook: EPUB or PDF  iPad: Kindle if using Kindle app, EPUB or PDF is using Overdirve app

Q: How many books can I check out at a time?

A: You can check out 2 books at a time.

Q: How lind can I check out an eBook?

A: You check out a book for 14 days.  After 14 days the book expires and will automatically be returned to the digital collection.  It will no longer appear on your device.

Q: Can I renew and eBook?

A: No, you can not renew an eBook.  However, once your loan has ended, you can check the book out again if it is available.

Q: Can I return a book early?

A: Yes,  you can return a book early-the instructions on how to do this is included on the instructions for borrowing eBooks.

Q:Do I have to be at the Fairfax Public Library to check out eBook?

A: NO! You can check out eBooks wherever you have access to a computer, internet and your Fairfax Public Library Card.