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Kindle with WiFi access

Downloading eBooks from NEIBORS for Kindle 3.1.12 1. Before you start borrowing books from the library you will need the following items: • A library card from the Fairfax Public Library • An email address • An Amazon account 2. Make sure the wireless on the Kindle is turned on (Menu, Turn on Wireless) 3. Go to the NEIBORS website: 4. Click on the “Sign In” tab, choose Fairfax from the list, and log in with your library barcode number 5. From the NEIBORS website locate the book you want to borrow. Make sure it lists Kindle book as one of the formats available. 6. Next to the book icon it will say “Add to Cart” if it is available to check out. Click on this to check out the book. (If the only choices are “Add to Waiting List” or “Add to Wish List” then the book is already checked out to someone else & is unavailable. If you choose to add the book to your waiting list NEIBORs will email you when the book becomes available for your to check out. ) 7. Click “Proceed to Checkout” if you are done 8. Click on “Confirm Checkout” 9. The title of the book you are requesting will show. Click “Get for Kindle”. This will throw you out to 10. Click on “Get Library book” 11. You will be asked to log in to your Amazon account 12. You will be prompted to confirm the device you want to download to. If the correct device shows then click “Continue.” Dawn, please choose a Kindle device or reading application for delivery of your title: Deliver to: 13. You will get a message confirming you borrowed the book. Click “Download Now” to transfer the book to your Kindle. 14. You will be asked if you want to Open or Save the file for the book. Choose “Save.” 15. You will get a confirmation pop-up that the book has been downloaded. You will be asked if you want to Open the file. Click on the “x” to close this box. 16. The book will now download onto the Kindle. You might have to hit the Home button once to refresh the page so you can see the book. 17. Turn the wireless off on your Kindle (Menu, Turn off Wireless) before reading. 18. Click back into the NEIBORS website and log off. 19. Start reading! To return a book early: 1. Turn on the wireless on the Kindle (Menu, Turn On Wireless) 2. Log in to your Amazon account 3. Click on “Your Account” from the toolbar at the top 4. Scroll down and click on “Manage your Kindle” from the menu on the right side of the screen 5. You will see a list of every item on your Kindle 6. Next to the item you want to return, click on the “Actions” button then “Return this Book.” 7. At the confirmation pop-up box click “Yes.” 8. You will see on your Kindle that next to the title of the book [Loan Ended] will appear. 9. The title will continue to appear in your Kindle Library within your Amazon account. Note: some information provided by

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